Founded in 1991 by Ph. Dr. in Economics Aldo Olcese, Fincorp carries out mainly in Spain, and complementarily in Portugal, Italy, France, Maghreb countries (especially Morocco), Angola, Brazil, the following activities for twenty years:

Corporate Advice:

  • - Strategic
  • - Financial
  • - Commercial

From its incorporation, Fincorp has been providing strategic and commercial positioning services, as well as advisory services for design and structuration of financing, mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances in high growth sectors within high growth countries of our range of influence, for national and multinational companies in Spain and also in the countries where the company develops its activities.

Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Advice:

  • - Good practices in Corporate Governance
  • - Information and accounting transparency
  • - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since 2010 Fincorp is developing for listed companies, family groups and public and private institutions, advisory services in CSR strategic plans, definition of CSR topics and metrics, codes of good practice and ethics, corporate governance structures, etc. Fincorp also issues reports and certifications regarding Corporate Governance and CSR for regulated markets, official bodies, boards of directors and shareholders’ general meetings.


All the foregoing services have been provided by Fincorp during the last twenty years to, among others, the following corporations: Abengoa, AC Hoteles, Agusta SpA's, Aldeasa, Alsa, Amper, Antena 3 TV, Bain & Co, Banco Santander, Beretta Holding, C.S. First Boston, Campofrío, Elecnor, Fagor , Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC), Fundación ONCE, Grupo Hospitalario Quirón, Grupo Previasa, Leche Pascual, Man Investment Products, Marconi Telecommunications, Metrovacesa, Mittal Steel, Motion Pictures Association of America, Portland Valderrivas, Prointec, Puleva-Uniasa, Repsol, Rizzoli Corriere della Sera, Société Générale, Soluziona, Superdiplo, Tabacalera, Telefónica, Telepizza, Thomson Group, Transfesa, Unión Fenosa.


Aldo Olcese is the Founder and Chairman of Fincorp.Mr Olcese is Ph. Dr. “Cum Laude” in Economics and Business and Member of the Royal Academy of Economics and Finance of Spain. For further information on Aldo Olcese, please visit his personal webpage Fincorp’s Managing Director is Andrés Dionis, Lawyer and European Chartered Financial Analyst.